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TECWARE Launches Phantom Elite Modular Mechanical Keyboard And 9 New Switches

SINGAPORE – October 5th, 2018 – TECWARE, a global PC gaming peripherals and components provider, has launched the Phantom Elite Mechanical Keyboard- the second addition to the Phantom Series- along with 9 new mechanical switches.

TECWARE Phantom Elite Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (without switches installed)

The Phantom Elite is essentially identical to its predecessor, the Phantom, boasting per-key RGB lighting customization, modular switch sockets, double-shot ABS keycaps and a sturdy alloy baseplate to last for years. What is different is that the Phantom Elite comes without any mechanical switches included, to allow gamers the freedom to explore various switch combinations and arrangements on a single keyboard. The Phantom Elite is packaged with all necessary tools and instructions for easy installation.

To complement the Phantom Elite, TECWARE has introduced 5 different Gateron switches and 4 different Kailh box switches, each offering different characteristics in terms of feel, sound and actuation force. Gateron switches offer users an alternative to Cherry MX switches, while Kailh Box switches feature a box-frame stem design that keeps dust out and prevents debris build-up - ultimately allowing longer switch lifespan. The switches are sold separately in packs of 110 pieces.

Pricing & Availability:

Available next week, through authorized local dealers and distributors in select markets worldwide.


Phantom Elite Backlit Mechanical Keyboard:

· Modular Switch Sockets (Accepts any Cherry-compatible switches)

· Mechanical Switches not included

· Switch Puller & Keycap Puller Included

· Doubleshot ABS keycaps Included

· 16.8 Million RGB Color Lighting

· ‘Floating Key' Design

· 1000Hz Polling Rate

· N-Key Rollover

· 11 Multimedia Keys

· 50 million Reliable Keystrokes

· Standard 104 key Layout

· Long Lifespan SMD LEDs

· FR-4 Fibreglass PCB

· Windows Lock Feature

· Gunmetal Alloy Backplate

· Keyboard Legs with Rubber Feet

· 1.8m Braided USB Cable

· 444.5 x 133.5 x 22.5, 1.08kg (without switches installed)

Phantom Elite Compatible Switches:

Kailh Box Switches:

Quantity Type Peak Force Lifespan

White Switch: 110pcs Clicky 50g 80 million clicks

Brown Switch: 110pcs Tactile 50g 80 million clicks

Red Switch: 110pcs Linear 45g 80 million clicks

Black Switch: 110pcs Linear 60g 80 million clicks

Gateron Switches:

Quantity Type Peak Force Lifespan

Blue Switch: 110pcs Clicky 55g 50 million clicks

Green Switch: 110pcs Clicky 80g 50 million clicks

Brown Switch: 110pcs Tactile 45g 50 million clicks

Red Switch: 110pcs Linear 45g 50 million clicks

Black Switch: 110pcs Linear 50g 50 million clicks


TECWARE specializes in developing top-quality PC Gaming Peripherals & DIY PC Components. Founded in 2014, TECWARE has strived to develop better solutions in the ever-changing PC desktop and gaming market while attaining balance between form and function.

To learn more about TECWARE and its products, visit their official website at

Press Contacts:

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