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TECWARE ARC Lighting System & Vega TG Case Now Available

SINGAPORE – 13th November, 2018 – TECWARE, a global PC gaming peripherals and components provider, today announced the availability of the ARC Lighting System and Vega TG ATX mid tower case.

ARC F1, F2, F3 Fans (From left to right)

ARC Lighting System

The new ARC Lighting System comprises the ARC Series Fans, ARC Controller Hub and ARC LED strip. The ARC Series Fans feature addressable RGB LEDs, and they come in three variants; ARC F1 features a single-ring design with 16 LEDs; ARC F2 features a dual-ring design with 16 LEDs; ARC F3 features a triple-ring design with 32 LEDs.

ARC F3 Starter Kit & ARC LED Strip

The ARC Controller Hub supports up to 8 fans and 3 LED strips. It is compatible with 5V ARGB headers (3-pin) on Asus/ASRock/Gigabyte/MSI motherboards, allowing for full lighting customization and system-wide RGB synchronization. For motherboards without this capability, the controller comes with 366 pre-set modes and adjustable brightness/speed levels that can be toggled via remote.

The ARC LED strip, at a length of 35cm, features 21 addressable RGB LEDs, a magnetic surface, an adhesive strip and a 60cm long cable to allow efficient cable routing and easy installation.

Vega F1 Case

Vega TG

With clear tempered glass on the front and left side panels, the Vega TG case provides a stunning view of the illuminated components within the case. Each case comes pre-installed with the ARC Starter Kit, which consists of four fans and a controller hub.

The front panel of Vega features full-length air vents along the sides of the panel, as well as a 4cm offset between the glass panel and the fans, for maximum air intake and more efficient cooling.

Vega F1 Front Panel & Cable Management Side

Vega supports most air coolers and AIOs and features an adjustable HDD cage below the PSU shroud to allow additional room for cables and clearance for a front radiator. Several dust filters are included with the case, including a full-length magnetic filter in the front panel that may be removed for clearer lighting from the front fans.

The I/O panel is situated on top of the chassis, leaving the front panel cable-free and more easily removable. The case features several cable pass-throughs for flexible cable routing and ample space for cable management behind the motherboard tray.

Pricing & Availability:

Available now through authorized local dealers and distributors in select markets worldwide.

TECWARE Vega F1 ARGB TG ATX Case, w/ Arc F1 Starter Kit

TECWARE Vega F3 ARGB TG ATX Case, w/ Arc F3 Starter Kit

TECWARE Arc F1 Expansion Pack

TECWARE Arc F2 Expansion Pack

TECWARE Arc F3 Expansion Pack

TECWARE Arc F1 Starter Kit

TECWARE Arc F2 Starter Kit

TECWARE Arc F3 Starter Kit




· Motherboard Form Factor:


· Exterior:

  • Colour: Black

  • Front Panel: Tempered Glass Panel & ABS Plastic

  • Left Side Panel: Tempered Glass

· Fan Mounts:

  • Front: 03 x 120mm (included)

  • Rear: 01 x 120mm (included)

  • Top: 02 x 120mm / 02 x 140mm (not included)

· Bays:

  • 3.5” HDD x 02 (Adjustable HDD Cage)

  • 2.5” SSD x 02

  • PCI Expansion Slots x 07

· Clearance:

  • Maximum GPU Length: 350mm

  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 160mm

  • Maximum PSU Length: 200mm

Water Cooling:

  • Top: Up to 280mm Radiator (Depending on Motherboard and RAM)

  • Front: Up to 360mm Radiator

  • 20mm Cable Management Support

· Dimensions

  • Chassis: L370*W205*H440mm

  • Case: L410*W205*H450mm

TECWARE Arc Series Fans (F1/F2/F3):

· Arc F1: Single-Ring Design, Square frame, Translucent White Fan blades, 16 LEDs (Centre)

· Arc F2: Dual-Ring Design , Round frame, Black Fan blades, Anti-vibration rubber pads (All corners), 16 LEDs (Outer Ring)

· Arc F3: Triple-Ring Design, Round frame, Translucent White Fan blades, Anti-vibration rubber pads (All corners), 32 LEDs (16 Centre, 16 Outer Ring)

· Addressable RGB capability

· Dimensions: 120(W) x 120(D) x 25(H)mm

· Rating Voltage: DC 12V

· Rated Current: Max 0.20A

· Rated Voltage: DC 5.0 – 13.8V

· Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing

· Fan Speed: 1,100 RPM ±10%

· Air Flow: 45CFM

· Air Pressure: 1.20mmH20

· Max Noise Level: 21dBA

· Connector: Custom 6pin (Requires ARC Controller to function)

TECWARE Arc Controller Hub:

· 366 Lighting modes, 10 Speed levels, 32 Brightness levels (via remote)

· Addressable RGB Header Sync: Compatible with motherboards with 5V ARGB Headers

· Rating Voltage: DC 12V

· Rated Current: Max 0.20A

· Rated Voltage: DC 5.0 – 13.8V

· Start-up Voltage: DC 5V (ON/OFF)


· Addressable RGB capability

· 35cm, 21 LEDs

· 60cm Cable length

· Secure Magnet + Tape Mount

· Rated Voltage: DC 5.0V

· Connector: Custom 4pin (Requires ARC Controller to function)


TECWARE specializes in developing top-quality PC Gaming Peripherals & DIY PC Components. Founded in 2014, TECWARE has strived to develop better solutions in the ever-changing PC desktop and gaming market while attaining balance between form and function.

To learn more about TECWARE and its products, visit their official website at

Press Contacts:

For press enquiries and other requests, please contact:

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