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Clean & Minimalist Design

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Builder-Friendly Layout

Cable Management can be a hassle.

Nexus C allocates plenty of room in the rear, making installation and cable management easy and fuss-free.

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Side Air Vents

Removable SSD Trays

Magnetic Dust Filters

Super Speed USB 3.0 x 1
HD Audio + USB 2.0 x 2



2 x 3.5” HDD
2 x 2.5" SSD

7 x PCIe Expansion slots


Front: 2 x 120mm (Included)

Top: 2 x 120 / 140mm 

Rear: 1 x 120mm fan (Included)


Supports ATX / mATX / ITX motherboards
350mm Maximum GPU card length
160mm Maximum CPU cooler height

180mm PSU Clearance


Clear Tempered Glass Side Panel

Top Panel Magnetic Filter

Black Case Wires, PSU Filter

PSU Chamber with Routing Holes


Dimensions : L 405 W 201 H 435mm, 6.0Kg

Nexus C Black
Nexus C White
Nexus C Black 03
Nexus C White 03
Nexus C Black front
Nexus C Black rear
Nexus C White front
Nexus C White rear
Nexus C front filter
Nexus C Black 04
Nexus C Black 02
Nexus C White 02
Nexus C Black top
Nexus C White top
Nexus C Black 01
Nexus C Black Interior 01
Nexus C Black Interior 02
Nexus C Black back
Nexus C White 01
Nexus C White Interior 01
Nexus C White Interior 02
Nexus C White back
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