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Super speed USB 3.0 x 2
Front HD Audio + USB x2



2x 3.5” bays
2x SSD support

7x PCI expansion slots


Front  2x 120 / 140mm optional

Front 240 / 280mm Radiator

Top 2x 120 / 140mm optional

Top 240 / 280mm Radiator offset

Rear 120mm or 140mm fan (included)


Supports Standard ATX / mATX motherboards
370mm Maximum GPU card length
179mm Maximum CPU cooler height

28mm Cable Management

180mm Maximum PSU length


Black case wires, PSU filter

PSU Chamber with routing holes

4x ARGB lightbars with Sync option


Dimensions : L 435 W 215 H 466mm, 7.0Kg

4mm Smoked Tempered Glass Side panel

The Tecware Bifrost is a smartly laid out mid tower chassis combined with beautiful case lighting effects.  The Bifrost supports up to standard ATX motherboards. 240 or 280mm Radiators can fit in front and up top in an offset postion.  Most air coolers will be supported with its 179mm clearance, as well as a 140mm rear exhaust fan mount.  Air vents top and front are available for air intake or exhaust.    The Bifrost is a different take on modern chassis and emphasizes light bars wrapped from front to top.  

The side Tempered glass panel is smoked and flushed.  The PSU and Hard drives are located at the bottom of the chassis and chambered to hide your cables. 2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0 are provided for connectivity.

The Bifrost comes with 1x 140mm fan back.  The light bars have a LED button control up top with an option to sync with your motherboard's digital RGB header.   

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